Beechfield Primary School
Oct 24 16

Friends At Beechfield is the name given to the school’s P.T.A.

We raise money for Beechfield School by organising fundraising events for the school community to enjoy.

All staff and all parents/carers of children attending the school are automatically members of Friends At Beechfield, so anyone can get involved at any time.

Any money raised will be given to the school to spend on items to enrich your child’s life at school that often the school’s budget cannot stretch to e.g. new playground equipment. This will benefit the school and all its pupils.

We hold meetings at the school to discuss and organise fundraising ideas. Dates for meetings will be announced in the school’s weekly newsletter – feel free to come along.

Please contact F.A.B. if you would like to get involved and be part of Friends At Beechfield’s success in raising funds in order to support the education and welfare of all pupils.

Thanks To The FAB Team

Beechfield staff would like to thank the Fab team for all they do for the school.

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The FAB team would like to thank all the supporters of Beechfield