Beechfield Primary School
Oct 24 16

Eid Learning Day

Science Week

Year 5 and Reception had a great time constructing fidget spinners together inside and outside-our last Science Week activity!


For Science Week the children in RD brought in their fidget spinners from home. We made a tally chart of our predictions to see which one would spin for the longest time using a sand timer.

We had lots of fun!

Reception also investigated large cable drums –

“Let’s see how far it goes!” Hyllton

Vicky used her foot to keep it moving!

Kobby and Cleverley attached a rope to them and tried hoisting them along!

Year 6 have been looking at the density of different liquids and how they layer. They then looked at what happened when they added different substances such as bicarbonate of soda, mentos and salt!

3W created their own questions to explore during Science Week!

Reception Stay and Play

We investigated:
balloons, bubbles, chromatography, made spinners, floating and sinking in layers of different liquids and making paper helicopters!
“I made a spinner. When I spin it the colours will be all mixed together.” Maryam
“The colours have changed. When I put green it turned to blue. When I put orange it changed to peach. I added water. Elif
“Amelia enjoyed the experiment. She was amazed when she added the water to the colour marks  and said “It’s cool” Amelia’s Mummy
“It’s fizzing and it’s making blue bubbles” Vicky
“It’s a little bit of blue and a little bit of red” Kobby talking about chromotography
“It was good” Kobby’s Dad
“It was brilliant-really enjoyed it.” Hanfa’s Dad
“Really good”-Hyllton’s Mum
“It looks like coke”-Fatouloum “See it’s floating”-Fatouloum’s Dad
“I put in pasta, glitter, shaving foam, red water and oil. |it’s all made in different colours” Fatouloum



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