Beechfield Primary School
Apr 25 17


Some Ash class evacuees.

No Pens Day!

Year 3 created dinosaur skeletons out of salt dough to try and work out which dinosaur invaded our classrooms!  We used flour, salt and water to create the dough and then followed careful instructions to create the skeletons.


Y3’s Great Glass Elevator Adventure

Following our visit from Mr Jackson, the time finally arrived when we could try some Astronaut Space food.  We were going to try some freeze-dried ice-cream in 3 different flavours – ice-cream sandwich, neopolitan and mint-choc chip.  When we got it out of the packet, a few of us thought it looked a bit like chalk!! We held it and described what it felt like: sticky, rough and solid.  Next we smelt it…mmmmm it smelt delicious, just like normal ice-cream!  We predicted what it might be like and taste like – hard, crumbly, sweet, it might melt in your mouth, hard on the outside and soft in the middle, cold, frozen, chocolaty, minty like tooth paste.   It was scrumptious, it tasted just like normal ice-cream.