Beechfield Primary School
Apr 25 17

Y4’s Greek Workshop

Y4 enjoyed their Greek Workshop day.  They took part in a myths and legends theatre workshop and met a Greek warrior who showed them his armour and weapons.

Y4 also learned how to make a Greek Salad.

Y4’s Great Glass Elevator Topic

Children making their own ‘zappy zoomer’ elevators after conducting a fair test to see which shape would travel the furthest to help design their own elevator.

Children tested which shape travelled the furthest when thrown, in order to find out what to base their own elevators on. Children measured the distance each shape travelled and compared/analysed their data.

Here the children were on a mission to stop the Vermicious Knids from stealing all of Willy Wonka’s stock.  They started off by weighing all of the sweets and then they had to see how many ways they could save 180g of the stock using different combinations of sweets and chocolates.

Y4 made sugar glass candy – it was very sweet!

Pine Class’s Display

Pine class made up new laws for a new land they explored in the Great Glass Elevator which linked into our own British Values. We also painted pictures from different perspectives, showing different views we imagined from the Great Glass Elevator.

Pine Class also made aerodynamic shapes to represent the Great Glass Elevator.

Pine class threw different 3D shapes to test which shape travelled best in the air – the cone which was more aerodynamic did not come first, surprisingly it was the cylinder.

Pine Class – measuring out stock for sweets to take on board the Glass Elevator – there are limitations!