Beechfield Primary School
Apr 25 17

Elder Class will be observing carefully over the next week to see what effects different liquids have on metal

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Maple class writing to the stars

 Maple class being taught how to use a telescope and enjoying using it

Christmas Lunch with Maple class

Maple class have a new, mischievous member!

Maple class learned the importance of mindfulness

Maple class know the importance of having a healthy body, which therefore creates a healthy mind!

Maple class did a fantastic job at showing the moon isn’t just playing hide and seek!

Maple class can build fantastic sentences!

Maple Class making rockets

We have been learning about Space and the most effective way to get there. We made our rockets and we are going to set them off next week with a balloon to send to the stars. We are looking forward to testing the best way to get our balloons to Space.’

Everyone has lots of fun making the rockets. I said ‘Wow Maple Class, these rockets are out of this world!’ Ciaran said ‘give me a bit of SPACE to think of my own puns as well Miss!’

Maple Class have been jogging to start our day right!

Maple Class enjoying brain breaks and trying to master their finishing pose

Maple Class using concrete resources to master concepts


Maple class exploring why the Sun was red!

We went outside after lunch to look at the red sun. Jamie was so pleased that I took a photo for evidence! Tia said ‘is this super rare? Are we lucky to see it?’ Ciaran said ‘it must be Alien graffiti artists, they’ve spray painted the sky red!!’ We then produced some brilliant and innovative pieces of writing, describing our theories.

Year 5 and Year 4 collaborate on Hello Yellow Day!

We had so much fun making volcanoes in Maple class

Maple class testing what changes are reversible or irreversible

No Pens Day

Year 5 exploring how early humans created number systems using sticks, stones and shells.

Elder Class 

We started the day by seeing if we could describe a creature without writing about it or using language. We “performed” our creatures to the rest of the class who were then able to describe the creature they had seen. In maths, we created Mayan calculations. The Mayans used twigs and stones to represent numbers. Can you work out the calculation in the picture?

During the afternoon, we continued thinking about prehistory in our topic work and were challenged to build a model of Stonehenge from things we had found outside!


Year 5’s Great Glass Elevator Adventure

Maple Class fully transformed into Christopher Columbus’s ship!

Maple class borrowed Columbus’s ship and crashed it into a new fantastic place. Some say it crashed into a stuffed crust pizza in burgerland!

Maple Class got into role and created their own individual and unique captain logs.

Maple class wrote messages in a bottle to inform Columbus of our delayed return!

Maple class learnt how to create old letters safely and sensibly with a lot of ‘oops’ learning in the process

Maple class have learned from the Native Americans and found a new efficient way to catch dreams for the BFG.

Maple class have been debating whether it was right or wrong that the Native Americans were moved away from their homes and way of life.