Beechfield Primary School
Oct 24 16

The Governing Body of Beechfield School

In September 2015, the Governing Body made the decision cease meeting as separate committees. Instead, all governors met nine times per academic year to discuss and monitor the curriculum and school improvement, premises, health and safety, personnel and finance. The structure of our Governing Body is:

  • The Head Teacher –  role is held ex-officio
  • 6 Co-opted governors – appointed by the Governing Body
  • 1 LA (Local Authority) Governor – Hertfordshire nominate candidates who are then voted in by the Governing Body
  • 3 Parent Governors – appointed following parental elections
  • 1 Staff Governor – appointed following a staff election

As a Governing Body we have decided to appoint Associate Members.  The Governing Body have decided not to award Associate Members full voting rights at committee or full Governing Body level.  We currently have two Associate members, both Deputy Heads,  Michelle Connell and Nuno Alexandre.

Approved governor minutes which detail attendance at meetings are available in the school office.

We also operate a system of link governors where individual governors take on responsibility for specific subject areas, such as SEND or Special Educational Needs and Disability, Safeguarding, Core Subjects, PE, Humanities, Early Years etc. Such governors will meet with their link members of staff and may sit in on part of lessons to understand how these topics are being managed

Governor Name Governor Category Date term of office: Committee membership Responsibilities
Start End Stepped down
Lesly Adams Local Authority governor 30/04/14 29/04/18   Policy & Resources ·  Chair of Governing Body

·  Pupil premium Governor

·  Headteacher performance appraisal

Fran Kershaw Parent governor 21/11/14 20/11/18   Standards ·  Vice-Chair of Governing Body

·  Chair of Standards Committee

·  Curriculum & Assessment Governor

·  Governor induction

Glenn Gibsone Co-opted governor


01/11/15 31/10/19   Policy & Resources ·  Health and Safety Governor

·  Admissions / Complaints / Student discipline      and staff grievance panels

·  Headteacher performance appraisal

James Roach Head Teacher


02/09/16 N/A   Policy & Resources and


·  Headteacher
Martin Adams


Co-opted governor 01/10/15 30/09/19   Standards ·  Safeguarding Governor

·  Admissions / Complaints / Student discipline      and staff grievance panels

Kalpana Patel


Parent governor 21/01/16 20/01/20   Policy & Resources ·  Finance Governor
James Brown   07/06/16 06/06/20   Policy & Resources ·  Chair of Policy & Resources Committee

·  Inclusion (SEND) Governor

 Rebecca Wilkinson Staff Governor 07/12/16 20/07/17  20/07/17 Standards ·  TBC
Saadia Aslam Co-opted Governor 08/12/16 07/12/20   Standards ·  TBC
 Nikita Mistry Parent Governor 07/11/16 06/11/20   Standards ·  TBC
Michelle Connell Associate Governor 13/09/16 12/09/20   Policy & Resources ·  Deputy Head
Nuno Alexandre Associate Governor 12/09/16 11/09/20   Curriculum ·  Deputy Head
Susan Bugden


Co-opted governor


01/11/15 01/12/16 01/12/16 Resources ·  Joint Chair of Governors
Susan Bugden


Associate governor 26/01/17 25/01/18   Policy & Resources ·  Support Health and Safety Governor
Andrea Magill Co-opted governor 01/09/14 19/09/15  15/09/15 Resources ·  Vice-Chair of Governors,
Maria Pace Staff governor 27/03/13 31/12/15  20/12/15 Curriculum ·  Deputy Head
Marsha Thompson Parent governor  08/03/16  07/03/20  12/09/16  N/A ·
Dianne Wootten  Co-opted governor  08/03/16  07/03/20  07/06/16  N/A ·


Register of business interests/relationships within governing body and school

Governor Name Business Interest Other Interest Other governor roles held Date of declaration
Lesly Adams ·  Adams & Sons Builders

·  Pilsons Property Services

·  Sister-in-law to Martin            Adams   ·
Fran Kershaw ·  Director of Watford Live ·  Friend of sound engineer,      Luke Wells who does some    paid work as a mobile DJ ·  Governor at St Joan of      Arc Secondary School ·
Glenn Gibsone   ·  Wife works at Cherry Tree      Primary School and p/t for    Mullanays Coaches   ·
James Roach   ·  Headteacher of Beechfield      School

·  Headteacher of Laurance       Haines School

·  CEO of the Inclusive multi-    Academy trust

·  Governor at Chessbrook    Education Support            Centre

·  Governor at Westfield        and Littlebury Children’s    Centre

Martin Adams


  ·  Brother-in-law to Lesly            Adams   ·
Kalpana Patel


James Brown       ·
Rebecca Wilkinson   ·  Class teacher at Beechfield     School   ·
Saadia Aslam   ·  HLTS at Beechfield School   ·
Nikita Mistry      
Michelle Connell   ·  Deputy Head of Beechfield    School   ·
Nuno Alexandre   ·  Deputy Head of Beechfield    School, seconded for a year    from Laurance Haines            School   ·
Susan Bugden       ·
Previous governors in post
Andrea Magill       ·
Maria Pace       ·
Marsha Thompson       ·
Dianne Wootten       ·


Governor attendance – 2015/16 & 2016/17

Governor Name 2015/16 2016/17
15/09/15 05/11/15 08/12/15 21/01/16 08/03/16 22/03/16 26/04/16 07/06/16 11/07/16 12/09/16 14/11/16 08/12/16 26/01/17 27/02/17 29/03/17 24/04/17 07/06/17 10/07/17
Lesly Adams X A X X X X X X X X X X X  X  X  X    
Fran Kershaw X X X X X A X X X UA X X X  UA  UA  UA    
Glenn Gibsone X X X X X X X X X X X X X  X  X  X    
James Roach O O O O O O X X X X X X X  X  X  X    
Martin Adams O X X X X X A X X X X A X  X  X  X    
Kalpana Patel O O O O O A X X X X X A UA  X  A  X    
James Brown O O O O O O O X X X X X X  X  X  X    
Rebecca Wilkinson O O O O O O O O O O O X X  X  X  X    
Saadia Aslam O O O O O O O O O O O O X  X  X  X    
Nikita Mistry O O O O O O O O O O O O X  X  X  X    
Michelle Connell A A X X X X X X X X X X X  A  X  X    
Nuno Alexandre O O O O O O O O O X X A X  A  X  A    
Susan Bugden X X X X X X X X A X X A A  A  A  O    
Andrea Magill A O O O O O O O O O O O O  O  O  O    
Maria Pace X X O O O O O O O O O O O  O  O  O    
Marsha Thompson O O O O X X A X X O O O O  O  O  O    
Dianne Wootten O O O O A A A O O O O O O  O  O  O    
Lisa Roberts X X X X X X X X X O O O O  O  O  O    
X In attendance A Absent and apologies have been accepted UA Absent and apologies have either not been received and/or accepted O Not in post


School improvement priorities

Our school improvement priorities run from November to November:

Improvement Priority 1


  • Pupils make at least expected and in many cases accelerated progress within each year group across all subjects
  • Diminish the differences between identified underachieving groups and their peers both in school and nationally
  • Ensure a new assessment framework is in place which matches the National Curriculum

Improvement Priority 2


  • Revise the approach to planning and teaching
  • Establish an agreed and consistent system of presentation, marking and feedback that supports rapid progress
  • Increase opportunities for pupils to practise their writing in subjects other than English

Improvement Priority 3


  • Establish avenues for parents to have a voice and influence school policy
  • Strengthen parental learning opportunities
  • Establish a volunteer programme across the school
  • Develop a rich programme of community events
  • Utilise technology to establish effective two way communication with parents

Beechfield staff would like to thank the Governors for all they do for the school.