Governing board membership 2018-19

Governor name Category of governance Term of office Roles and responsibilities
Lesly Adams Local Authority governor 30/04/14 to 29/04/18 Chair of Governing Board
James Brown Co-opted governor 07/06/16 to 06/06/20 Vice Chair of Governing Board
Martin Adams Co-opted governor 01/10/15 to 30/09/19  
Saadia Aslam Co-opted governor 08/12/16 to 07/12/20  
Nikita Mistry Parent governor 07/11/16 to 06/11/20 Governor development co-ordinator
Kalpana Patel Parent governor 21/01/16 to 20/01/20  
Gillian Jackson  Headteacher   Headteacher
Michelle Connell Associate Governor 13/09/16 to 12/09/20 Deputy Headteacher

Dr Rama Balachandran

Parent governor 23/11/17 to 22/11/18  

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With the exception of parent governors the governing body have decided to cease recruiting until after the academy conversion in January 2018.

Previous Governing Board membership over the last 12 months

Governor name Category of governance Term of office start Roles and responsibilities
Glenn Gibsone Co-opted Governor 01/11/15 to 20/07/2018 Health and Safety Governor
Nuno Alexandre Associate Governor 12/09/16 to 31/08/18 Deputy Headteacher
James Roach Headteacher / Staff 02/09/16 to 31/08/18 Headteacher
Fran Kershaw Parent governor 21/11/14 to 07/06/17 Vice-Chair of Governing Board, Curriculum and Assessment governor, Governor induction
Rebecca Wilkinson Staff Governor 07/12/16 to 20/07/17 Not allocated

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