Governing board membership 2018-19

Governor name Category of governance Term of office Roles and responsibilities
Lesly Adams Local Authority governor 30/04/14 to 29/04/18 Chair of Governing Board
James Brown Co-opted governor 07/06/16 to 06/06/20 Vice Chair of Governing Board
Martin Adams Co-opted governor 01/10/15 to 30/09/19  
Nikita Mistry Parent governor 07/11/16 to 06/11/20 Governor development co-ordinator
Gillian Jackson  Headteacher   Headteacher
Michelle Connell Associate Governor 13/09/16 to 12/09/20 Deputy Headteacher

Dr Rama Balachandran

Parent governor 23/11/17 to 22/11/18  

Previous Governing Board membership over the last 12 months

Governor name Category of governance Term of office start Roles and responsibilities
Kalpana Patel Parent Governor


to 18/02/19

Saadia Aslam Co-opted Governor 08/12/16 to 18/02/19  
Glenn Gibsone Co-opted Governor  to 31/7/2018  
Nuno Alexandre Associate Governor 12/09/16 to 31/08/18 Deputy Headteacher
James Roach Headteacher / Staff 02/09/16 to 31/08/18 Headteacher
Fran Kershaw Parent governor 21/11/14 to 07/06/17 Vice-Chair of Governing Board, Curriculum and Assessment governor, Governor induction
Rebecca Wilkinson Staff Governor 07/12/16 to 20/07/17 Not allocated