Reception Photos

Internet Safety Day

We spotted popular internet logos and spoke about where we had seen them before. We discussed the importance of Internet Safety and what we should do when an unfamiliar icon pops onto our screens. Henry: “tap the screen off by clicking X”. “Ask a grown up” said Zion. “That means you have to buy it with it money” said Shyla, “You need a password” said Joshua.

Internet (1/1)

Peer Massage

Miss King came into Reception to share a Peer Massage story about the weather. We listened carefully to the instructions and conducted the massage on our friends back. We also spoke about respecting our friends by being gentle with our hands and discussed strategies to help us unwind.


Making sandwiches

After reading ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ we decided to make our own jam sandwiches to keep those seagulls away! We had lots of fun and they were super yummy!

European Day of Languages

Parents joined us to celebrate National ‘European Day of Languages’. We listened to stories, shared family photos and learnt some new words in different languages.

We had native speakers from Hungary, Nepal, Romania, Portugal and Pakistan.

We would like to thank all the parents that came.

Languages (1/6) Languages (2/6) Languages (3/6) Languages (4/6) Languages (5/6) Languages (6/6)


Pear class made a bus with pallets and cable drums

They rode the bus to the farm with animals.  Later they decided that they need a number for the bus and wrote lots of numbers on the bus using chalk.

Bella:”I am driving  the bus. I put the engine on.”

Rares:”We are going to the farm with animals.  We have to brake the engine, because we need to stop the bus.”

Evie:”I know we can write number 10 like the bus that goes on that road.”

Making a bus (1/4) Making a bus (2/4) Making a bus (3/4) Making a bus (4/4)