Beechfield Primary School
Oct 24 16

Our Pupil School Council is a democratically elected group of children from Year 1 to 6 who are actively involved in the school’s development.

Meeting regularly, children discuss important issues relating to events that are organised in the school, agreeing which charities we will sponsor through the year and presenting suggestions from their classes for school improvements.

We are currently looking at ways to improve play at lunchtime. This project is coming to an end shortly so please speak to one of our members if you have any ideas for our next project.

Our Council Members September 2016

Year 1 – Ruby May

Year 2 – Yashwini

Year 3 – Ellie

Year 4 – Lilly-May

Year 5 – Chloe

Year 6 – Shreya, Shenia, Rakeem and Sharyne

Minutes from our meetings