An important legal task for the Trustees is to make sure that each school in the Trust has a proper set of policies in place. Policies are a guide for both staff and parents as to how the school must be run. You can download our most important policies from this page.

Key Policies:

Policy Name Review Date
Admissions Arrangements for Nursery 2018-19  
Admission Arrangements 2019-20  
Administering Medicines Policy June 2019
Anti Bullying April 2020
Anti Bullying Appendix 1  
Anti Bullying Appendix 2  
Asthma Policy June 2019
Attendance Policy October 2020
Behaviour Policy June 2019
Charging and Remissions Policy  
Child Protection Policy October 2018
Child Protection: Keeping Children Safe in Education  
Collective Worship September 2018
Complaints Procedure For Parents September 2019
Equality Plan September 2018
E Safety April 2019
Eco Policy May 2020
Marking and Feedback Policy March 2019
Health & Safety Policy Trust and Local BFS April 2019
Home Learning Policy April 2020
Whistleblowing Policy February 2019
SRE (Sex & Relationships) Policy