The Intent of Beechfield School's Curriculum

We want children who are strong readers, writers and mathematicians and give the children opportunities to apply these across our curriculum.  Our curriculum provides a range of learning and enrichment experiences that give our pupils opportunities and experiences they may not otherwise have. 

Our nurturing ethos runs through our curriculum and we focus on the children's personal development as well as their academic achievement.  We believe that physical and mental wellbeing is imperative for success.  Therefore, we teach our children to be resilient, tolerant and compassionate. 

Beechfield's curriculum provides opportunities to identify children's talents and develops their sense of self belief by enabling them to experience success and personal fulfilment.  

We have a firm focus on developing and mastering the 'basics' through a highly structured approach to teaching reading, writing and maths.  Children are taught using concrete examples that are transferred into their mathematical and literacy work.

Through our curriculum we develop a love of reading and the acquisition of a rich vocabulary.  We offer the children the opportunity to learn from each other and from their diverse backgrounds.  We use our local area and outdoor learning to enrich children's life experiences.  Our curriculum encourages our children to ask interesting questions and become independent thinkers.  We are willing to change and adapt our curriculum to acknowledge the childrens' interests. 

See our Curriculum document here

See the National Curriculum here.

Our team of subject leaders monitor the provision of their subjects through the learning environments, experiences shared on Twitter, the progress evident in books and through pupil voice. They provide guidance for teachers on how to maximise learning and assessment opportunities in their subject areas. 

The Government has introduced a new National Curriculum which took effect from September 2014. Click here to download the National Curriculum.


The intent of our Maths curriculum is for every child to leave our school with the skills, knowledge and resilience required to solve problems involving Maths both within lessons and in the wider world.  We are working with the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics to further develop our Mastery approach to teaching Maths.  We use Herts Maths Essentials curriculum to support our planning and to ensure our children are developing a deep understanding of The National Curriculum for Maths.  Those students who grasp concepts quickly, are encouraged to think broadly and deeply about concepts and apply them to range of increasingly complex problems.  All children use resources to support a deep conceptual understanding of Maths. 

We use the following websites to support our learning in Maths.  Children have their own logins and can access them both at home and in school.


Bienvenidos a español! Welcome to Spanish! At Beechfield School, we provide the exciting opportunity to learn Spanish for all children from year 3 to Year 6 in order to expose them to a modern foreign language from a young age. We use videos, songs and interactive games to make learning a foreign language inspiring and engaging for children. Through weekly Spanish lessons, children benefit from a growing bank of vocabulary organised around a variety of topics including the weather, clothes, pets, habitats and many more. As a school, we follow a particular scheme of work to ensure a good progression of knowledge and skills across the whole of KS2. Why have we chosen Spanish? We contacted some of our local secondary schools to find out what languages they taught and as they do a range of different Modern Foreign Languages, we chose Spanish. The reason being is that it is a phonetic language and we have a big focus in KS1 on this so it follows on naturally. Additionally, teachers feel more confident teaching a phonetic language. By learning Spanish early on, children acquire the foundations for further foreign language learning at Secondary School. 


From Nursery, the children follow a structured phonics programme called "Read, Write, Inc".  This takes place daily from 9.00-9.30 Monday to Thursday and from 9.30-10.00 on Fridays.


We use the JIGSAW scheme to teach all of our personal, social, health education objectives.  This includes the statutory guidance for relationships and health education for primary schools.  If you would like more information about the curriculum, please ask your child's teacher who will be happy to provide this information.

Annual Overviews

These can be found on the Year Group pages if you would like to see what your children are learning in their subjects over the year.

Please find below, the Progression of Skills and Knowledge Documents