Pupil Voice

Our Pupil School Council is a democratically elected group of children from Year 1 to 6 who are actively involved in the school’s development.

Meeting regularly, children discuss important issues relating to events that are organised in the school, agreeing which charities we will sponsor through the year and presenting suggestions from their classes for school improvements.

We are currently looking at ways to improve play at lunchtime. This project is coming to an end shortly so please speak to one of our members if you have any ideas for our next project.

Year group elections are currently taking place to form our new School Council. Candidates will be sharing their manifestos before each class votes for the person they think will make the biggest difference in the school.

School Councillors for 2018 - 2019: to be advised

Minutes from our meetings

School Council 15 01 2018 (77.8k)
School Council 11 05 2017 (16.4k)
School Council Meeting 1-11 01 2017 (127.6k)
School Council Meeting 2-01 03 2017 (62.3k)
School Council Red Nose Day Plans March 2017 (238.6k)

Comments from our most recent meeting

There have been a lot of changes to the school this year. Which ones have had a positive impact?

  • more toys outside that we are allowed to play with and that we are not banned from using
  • better variety of games organised by the sports coaches so there is something for everyone
  • we take part in sports events with other schools which we haven’t done before
  • lunchtimes used to be chaos but now they are more organised and everyone knows what they should be doing and where they should be
  • we like having our parents see us get our Star of the Week awards in assembly
  • our teachers are kinder and smilier
  • there are less fights outside because there is always something to do
  • jacket potatoes are better than sandwiches because there is more option of filling and its warm
  • the homework is good because it gives us more freedom over what we do. We like it when we get given websites to look at and do our own research
  • it is fun to go in the woodland. We have NEVER been allowed before
  • ‘Inside out’ is good. People can go in there to be quiet and think

How could we make Beechfield school even better?

  • some of the sports coaches have favourites so they are not always solving arguments fairly
  • the dining room at Breakfast club is very noisy and there isn’t enough things to do
  • it would be nice to have quiet areas in the playground where you won’t get hit with footballs
  • I would like to know how to solve problems myself so we don’t have to go to a teacher all the time
  • our Science lessons are a bit boring. We just write all the time and listen and never do fun experiments like we used to
  • in English and topic we could do more drama
  • we want to learn things that interest us and that we hear about on the news