Disabled Access

Beechfield is sensitive to the needs of every child, reducing barriers to learning and making the curriculum accessible to everyone. Reasonable adjustments to physical and other arrangements of the school are considered where necessary, taking into account the nature of any impairment, pupil and parent views and advice from teachers and other professionals. Prospective parents are asked to inform the school of any disabilities or additional needs their children may have when applying for a place.

Continuing communication between parents and staff is vital to ensure that reasonable adjustments can be considered where necessary, whether impairments were apparent when the pupil entered the school or developed at a later stage.

Description of school

The original school building was built in 1970. The KS2 block was completed in March 2013. Access to the school grounds is via two pedestrian entrances and a vehicle entrance from the public highway. All entrances have lockable gates.

All visitors report to the school reception area. This is situated at the front of the school and is accessible from either of the entrances. We have procedures in place to assist any pupil or visitor with a physical disability. The external door to the entrance and the new building, require a code for access which is given to staff only. Visitors wait in the reception area until granted access by one of the office staff.

School facilities 

  • There are two designated accessible parking bays at the front of the car park closest to the school reception area.
  • Our fire alarm system provides visual aid for people with impaired hearing.
  • The school has a unisex disabled toilet in the entrance corridor of the main building and one on each floor of the KS2 building.
  • Visually contrasting colours are used on all external signage.
  • Most (not all) doorways are accessible for wheelchair access. A new ramp has been installed to access Year 3 and the existing building from the KS2 side of the school.
  • There is a lift in the Key Stage 2 building to get to the upper level.
  • Where children or adults have a physical disability, where appropriate, a risk assessment will be undertaken, and a designated escort will be available in case of evacuation. There is a specialised ‘Fire Evacuation Chair’ to enable disabled pupils to evacuate from upstairs.
  • Should any information be inaccessible to any stakeholder, the school can arrange either to translate, read and/or explain the contents.
  • The school will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments whenever necessary.
  • All pregnant workers have a risk assessment which is reviewed throughout their pregnancy and also upon their return to work.

School Layout

The school is made up of two buildings – the older building at the front of the site containing the main reception area, KS1 and Year 3. This building is all on one level apart from a few steps at the very back leading down to the main external exit door. Whilst there is no ramp for this exit, anyone requiring wheelchair access would be guided to the Year 3 Oak Classroom where a new ramp has been installed (July 2023). The newer building towards the back of the site houses KS2 and is made up of two floors. There is lift access should it be required.

Access to the whole of the school grounds is made possible by walkways incorporating slopes.

Once a term, the HT and Estate Manager undertake a Health and Safety audit. Included in this review is a check of the building to ensure there are no potential hazards.

Classroom facilities

All classrooms, other than Years 5 & 6 (upper floor), have external doors. To improve acoustics throughout the school for people with impaired hearing, classrooms are carpeted. We also have Sound Field Systems in all classrooms and the assembly hall.

For more information please see our accessibility plan.